10 best language schools in London: rankings

10 best language schools in London: rankings

Pros and cons of learning English in London

Those who are just starting to learn the basics of the language, as well as those who want to practice conversation, deepen and improve their knowledge, can learn English in the UK. There are several important advantages to this approach.

Approximately 95% of the country's population speaks English, which allows foreigners to be fully immersed in the language

learning the language directly in the UK allows for the acquisition of correct pronunciation

everyday communication helps to learn local word forms and to learn the main dialects.

While learning, you will not only be able to "stretch" your English, but also learn about British culture, traditions and lifestyle.

that any trip is a new acquaintance and a valuable experience.

English courses in the UK are very popular and language schools offer a wide variety of courses - such educational institutions are located in different cities, so you can choose the area where you live.

Learning a language in the UK can be a bit difficult. The cost of courses in this country is quite high, and the prices for meals and renting a room cannot be said to be low. Another disadvantage for those who want to stay in the UK for a longer period of time is that those studying on short courses cannot extend their visas.

Types of language courses

Studying English in the UK opens up a wide range of prospects for students. You can take language courses to prepare you for passing international exams to gain in-depth knowledge before entering a European or American university. The choice of courses and programs is very wide. They are chosen according to the following criteria: purpose (passing exams, travel, work needs, hobbies), type of course, duration of study.

There are several types of language courses in England.

For students with zero level of language knowledge. Students will not be tested until they register for the course.

For novices. These courses are for people who are just starting to learn English. Before starting, prospective students are tested and the results determine the level of knowledge. Such courses begin on certain dates, which the school will indicate on its website or in the interview.

General Studies courses - designed to improve English proficiency. Students study in small groups, which are divided according to their level of readiness. At least a minimum level of English proficiency is required to enter these courses. Courses under the program can last from one week (to achieve results, it is preferable that education last at least two weeks) to one year. Each week, students spend about 20 hours in the classroom and the rest of the time they participate in activities and go on excursions.

Almost every English school in England offers semi-intensive courses - they are different from the general number of courses. Students study 24 hours a week. The course lasts until lunch, so the rest of the time you can go hiking and relax.

Intensive programs will help you learn English as quickly as possible. Under this type of program, students study up to 30 hours per week, attending classes every day except weekends. Another feature of intensive classes is the high volume of homework, so you should tune in ahead of time for independent work. Intensive programs are divided according to the student's level of readiness.

Super Intensive or Crash courses are for those who need to speak English quickly. They are very heavy: up to forty hours per week, with classes lasting about two weeks. Students study in groups of up to eight students.

Business English - A course for business people, employees of international companies. Students study business vocabulary, learn to hold meetings, negotiate in English, and conduct business correspondence.

The teacher's program includes not only language study but also familiarization with modern teaching formats.

Courses prior to passing international exams focus on preparation for TOEFL and IELTS.

Cost of studying at a language school in London

How much does it cost for children, schoolchildren and adults to study in the UK during the summer? This question about the cost of educational travel is common among students and parents of children. The cost of studying an English course in the UK includes the following components.

  • The cost of an English course depending on the number of hours you study at your chosen language school (course fees).

  • The cost of living in a home/residence/hotel, depending on the type of room and meals (e.g. - single room, single ensuite, twin room, etc.)

  • Pick-up and drop-off costs (personal pick-up and drop-off is always much more expensive than National Express or school bus pick-up).

  • Bank commission for transferring funds to the account of the educational institution.

  • The cost of flights to the UK - flights booked in advance are usually cheaper.

  • The cost of a visa from the British Embassy.

  • The cost of medical insurance (paid at will).

  • Daily expenses while studying in the UK.

To calculate the full cost of studying in the UK in 2022, you need to identify the school, know the age of the student, the dates of the educational trip, the number of courses required per week, short trips, preferred home or residence for living in.

Top Language Schools in London

1. Edwards Language School

Many of Edwards Language School's students come through personal recommendation, and some ambitious students become regular students at Edwards Language School, taking more in-depth language courses each year. She is accredited by the British Council to teach English in the UK. Edwards Language School also offers courses and help with the IELTS exam.



TELC UK English School in London will help you improve your English language skills for academic study, career development and personal enrichment. TELC UK offers a variety of part-time and intensive courses to suit your needs, taught by highly educated, experienced and dedicated professionals. You will also have the opportunity to participate in cultural and social events organized by TELC UK so that you can use English in real life. TELC UK is located in North London, about 20 minutes from London's main attractions.


3. London School of English

The London School of English has over 100 years of experience teaching English to adults. The content of their courses is tailored to you and as close as possible to the individual education you can receive in a group. They achieve results based on your goals and provide you with a memorable experience and clear results.


4. St. George's International Center

St. George's International School is London's leading English language school. For almost 60 years they have provided a personalized approach to students from all over the world. Their location in central London (West End) makes them an excellent choice for learning English at home in the UK. The school has classrooms and a quiet self-study area with wifi throughout the building.


5. International Language Studies

LSI London Center is located in the heart of the vibrant and dynamic area known as the West End. The British Museum, the stores of Oxford Street and the Soho entertainment district are all within walking distance. LSI Language School offers first class English language learning facilities including a computer lab with free internet access, a library and a student lounge. They offer a wide range of English language courses, including TOEFL preparation and Cambridge English Language Assessment courses.


6. Speak Up London

Speak Up London is an English language school located on one of the capital's most famous streets - Oxford Street. It is a fast growing language school, accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English. Speak Up London also has the advantage of being a Cambridge University ESOL exam preparation center. The group is small and has a modern, bright and colorful auditorium, all of which are equipped with projectors and multimedia equipment.


7. EC London 30+

EC London 30+ is a popular English language school for adults aged 30 and over. Improve your English with students from all over the world in courses designed for mature students. There are plenty of social activities to make the most of your time in London, such as group visits to places of interest like the Whitechapel Gallery and Camden Market. They offer additional academic courses to complement the curriculum, including attending lectures, pronunciation clinics and speaking lessons. With so much to do in this legendary city, you'll be inspired to make the most of this adult English course.


8. Delphine School of English

The Delphine School of English in London offers English language instruction that is both fun and educational. They want their students to feel something special and different. At Delfin, you won't just be learning another language, you'll be part of a global family of "definers"! Delfin's wide range of sporting and social activities give you the opportunity to experience all the excitement of London and provide many opportunities to communicate in English outside the classroom.


9. St. Giles International

This English language school in central London is housed in a stunning 100-year-old building in the heart of fashionable Bloomsbury. It is located opposite Russell Square and just a 5-minute walk from the British Museum. From this great location, students can easily explore the capital. London's famous attractions are all within walking distance of the hotel. St Giles London Central is a large, vibrant school with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is perfect for students who want to take advantage of modern learning opportunities and enjoy all that the capital has to offer.


10. London International House

Since 2007, London International House has been housed in dedicated premises in Covent Garden. It is the largest language school in London and is located on the same site. The campus has 56 classrooms, a computer lab for students, a digital language lab where students can practice their pronunciation, a café and a library with over 10,000 books and magazines. Each year, London International College educates 8,000 students from over 150 countries.

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