Documents to apply for a school in London

The characteristics of admission to private schools in London depend on the chosen educational institution - each school has its own procedures. Therefore, an action plan is usually developed after creating a list of several …


Applying to top 3 universities in London

A diploma from a British university is a major investment in the future. The English language tradition and the highest standards of education qualified people are valued not only at home, but also abroad. Perhaps …


Send my kid to a boarding school in London: 10 tips for parents

British education is rightly considered one of the best. Oxford and Cambridge serve as symbols of adherence to tradition, and many successful scientists, businessmen and politicians serve as affirmations of high standards. It is not …


Boys' schools in London

At all times, a noble education, combined with good breeding and noble manners, was highly valued. For this reason, parents most often sent their children to private boys' schools in England. In such educational institutions …


Language courses in London

You can memorize the entire English vocabulary, but this will not have the same impact on mastering conversational skills as an English course in London. Even spending a week in London will help improve your …


Secondary education in London

It is not only British people who can receive secondary education in the UK. In this country, education starts at the age of four or five and young foreigners can attend school at this age …

Top 15 best summer camps in London for students

Types of programs in London summer camps

Language camps for children and teenagers in England are very popular. Usually, programs are 24/7 they mean that the child is at the school/campus 24/7. By attending such …

University preparation in London: deadlines and requirements

Postgraduate preparatory courses

In the UK, there are two types of matriculation programs: matriculation programs organized and conducted by universities themselves and matriculation programs arranged by universities in conjunction with national educational centers for foreign …

10 best summer schools in London

General information about the London Summer School

Summer camps are available for

  • Different durations (from one to seven to eight weeks)

  • different intensities (studies can last from fifteen to thirty sessions per week)

  • various kinds …

5 most elite schools in London

Characteristics of admission to the best schools in London

Admission to the elite Foggy Albion school is formally not very different from the procedure for entering less well-known educational institutions: the applicant needs to fill …

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