10 best summer schools in London

10 best summer schools in London

General information about the London Summer School

Summer camps are available for

  • Different durations (from one to seven to eight weeks)

  • different intensities (studies can last from fifteen to thirty sessions per week)

  • various kinds of filling. As mentioned above, the content of the summer program in England will depend on the age at which the group is recruited. And - from the goals pursued by each student.

Travel programs

Among young people, the popularity of those travel groups that involve the most intensive language study is quite high and steady. These are trips to prepare for college. If talk about young children, then their parents choose such trips for study, in which the children have a light burden - no more than fifteen hours a week. Besides, for elementary school students, classes are conducted in the form of games, so they really don't find it exhausting.

However, after all, first of all, within their framework, learning is happening - it just happens in the morning. It's an active learning program. But the students spend the second half of the program taking a break - the one they choose. Go on a hike, play a sport, or do art. This approach is more beneficial because it allows the kids to immediately put their knowledge into practice on the spot, as they say. Their communication skills are increasingly refined. These students remain immersed in their native language and are almost never removed from it. Every day they communicate not only with their teachers, but also with their peers and coaches, honing their conversational skills every minute.

On short trips, students will be able to see many amazing historical sites. Groups from the college are taken to historical and architectural monuments where they are introduced to the legends of the chronicles of British history. Among other things, the tours are taken to royal-owned parks and some of London's suburbs.

Here are just some of the places that students can visit.

  • London Zoo

  • London Aquarium

  • Greenwich Planetarium

  • Museum of Horrors

  • Maritime Museum

  • and more.

Most of the short trips in the summer programs for children in England are not only recreational, but also educational in nature. During such activities, students ask many questions of their guides and their teachers. They like to clarify details, and then they enjoy organizing the impressions they receive in the form of prose and essays. All this means, of course, additional language practice - and that's where the whole journey begins.

The sports-related programs are also very diverse. Depending on the course and the specific situation chosen by the students, they can.

  • play basketball

  • play soccer

  • Ride horses

  • Play golf

  • Compete on the basketball court

  • Playing tennis

  • Go swimming

In addition, they have the opportunity to canoe and go hiking all weekend. England has a large number of very beautiful landscapes, so such trips not only strengthen in terms of health, but also become noble in terms of spirituality.

Of course, if one of the educational centers is located by the sea, then the vast majority of free time offered to them, schoolchildren spend on the beach, engaging in various water sports. If the institute is located in the metropolis, then the students will have a whole huge ultra-modern infrastructure. There are not only cultural and recreational centers, but also gyms, health clubs and places of interest.

 Students are always under the supervision of their teachers, whether they are studying at this particular moment or participating in one of the various extracurricular activities. The supervision is carried out by the following institutions.

  • stewards

  • a teacher

  • personal tutors

  • trainers

Any conflicts that arise during the students' stay in the dormitory are resolved quickly and professionally by the school staff. Access to the educational process is very easy and fast thanks to a balanced and varied diet, boring studies and plenty of rest. Believe me, this rest option is preferable for the child's psyche, because in this case there are no long periods of three months of inactivity, followed by another shock to the child's nerves and a painful period of adjustment to school.

Why study at a summer school in London?

Summer education in the UK includes attending a language school or summer camp. For those of you who don't want to spend your summer vacation in vain, but rather try to fill it with memorable activities and want to make a difference, a summer program is exactly what you need!

You'll be able to make new friends and broaden your horizons

In addition to the great educational advantages, a UK summer school will give you the opportunity to meet representatives of different nationalities. Studying at a summer school in the UK is therefore not only an opportunity to improve your language skills, but also a chance to develop strong social skills.

You will study at the best universities in the world

The UK's prestigious summer schools operate on the basis of top universities - you can spend your summer holidays within the walls of one of the UK's leading higher education institutions.

You'll take part in a very effective and exciting programme

A wide range of courses is another reason to choose England. Top universities in England, operating on the basis of summer schools, strive to create the most interesting programs for schoolchildren and students.

What are the summer courses? These are short courses that last one to two weeks. Students attend courses in priority areas and participate in recreational and cultural programs. The goal of the summer school is to improve academic knowledge and serve as an intermediary between different countries and cultures.

Short courses can produce impressive results:.

Stand out from the crowd

Today, applicants to the world's top universities face stiff competition. Those who can better present themselves are accepted to universities. One way to do this is to demonstrate excellent academic and language skills, and a prestigious summer course certificate from Cambridge or the prestigious Oxford University will give you a 100% added edge and boost your CV.

Gain a unique academic experience

Many schools seek to attract students by hiring outstanding experts as teachers to share their experience and knowledge with students, and by offering courses in an unconventional way that focuses on practice.

Significantly improve your language skills

As sad as it sounds, the truth is that you can learn English for a lifetime, but without language immersion, the experience of interacting with native speakers and the perception of fluent speech in natural conditions, it is impossible to master English perfectly. Summer language camps in England will help you improve your language skills and gain confidence in the language.

Explore areas of knowledge not covered in school and university courses

A wide range of courses will help you learn many new things that don't fit into traditional educational programs.

Accommodation during your summer school studies in London

Camps in England may be located in the center of major cities or outside of them. Usually, such places can be found on the map of London, Brighton and Winchester. Living here, these guys feel like residents of noisy cities. If you choose a camp surrounded by picturesque nature, then the residents here will be able to spend their holidays as tourists staying in stylish hotels.

These guys can stay directly in camp camp campuses, school dormitories and British homes. Staying in a residence means that the child will stay in a 1-4 bed room on full board. Teachers will be nearby. Homestay families usually host older teens and students who want to immerse themselves in the British lifestyle. This will allow the children to study the traditions and characteristics of British life from the inside. Host families are carefully screened by the British Council for Education. The most expensive is to stay in a hotel. Suitable for those coming to the UK for a short period of time.

Prices for studying at summer school in London

The cost of studying during a study trip will immediately depend on many factors. For example

  • Which school you have chosen

  • On the intensity of the chosen course (in addition to the language study itself, the language school may also have education in other special subjects, such as chemistry, mathematics or physics)

  • On the type of accommodation to be chosen

  • On how many additional classes will be chosen.

In general, it is worth calculating the cost of a week of education for this trip, which is about one to 2.000 £(very approximate and cannot be used as a complete guide).

The final cost of the English camp should also include

  • Price of air tickets

  • Round trip airport transfers

  • Visa application

  • Medical insurance

  • Organizational costs, such as document delivery, bank transfers, consular fees, etc.

Top summer schools in London

1. Henry Harvin Youth Academy

Henry Harvin is a leading value-driven career and competency development organization. They are involved in education, skills development, assessment centers, content services and higher education operations.

Henry Harwin's junior MBA program offers courses in marketing, finance, technology and dual specialization.

2 Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins (CSM), a college at the center of arts and culture, is known for the creativity of its students, faculty and alumni.

The fundamental principles of CSM study are experimentation, innovation, risk, challenge and discovery. All of this takes place in an atmosphere conducive to learning, no matter what you choose to major in.

The School has established links with the creative industries. The experienced teaching staff is supported by external lecturers and technicians who are actively practicing in their respective fields. Multiple generations of internationally renowned artists, designers and actors - whose work has defined or changed our present - have begun their creative journeys at CSM.

3. Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama was founded in 1906 by Elsie Fogerty to provide a new form of education for young actors and students in the art of speech and drama. The school became an integral part of the University of London in 2005, and notable alumni include Laurence Olivier and Harold Pinter. scenography, and theater management courses. The University of Oxford has a wide range of courses, including teacher education courses, technical arts, public speaking, and writing courses.

4. Oxford University

Even prominent figures in historical science dare not say exactly when Oxford University was founded. However, it is a reliable fact that at the end of the 11th century, this famous university was already teaching students. Over time, the university has only consolidated its position, gaining more and more authority and significance.

Today, Oxford includes 41 colleges and more than 20 academies. Studying here is prestigious and enjoyable because of the picturesque parks dotted with university buildings, churches and other examples of ancient English architecture.

A person who has studied at Oxford is sure to be successful in life. There are many reasons for this situation. One of the main factors is the increased attention given to each individual during the learning process. Each student is accompanied by a personal teacher throughout the study process.

5. London School of Economics and Political Science

This school has been in existence since 1895. The school began its activity as a branch of the University of London. The founders of the London School of Economics and Political Science were active public figures and fighters for the active development of science Graham Wallace, Sidney Webb, Bernard Shaw and Beatrice Webb.

The modern London School of Economics and Political Science consists of 19 research centers and more than 20 departments. The school is conveniently located. It is located in the Old Town and does not tire of flashing in the ratings of the best places to live in the British capital.

6. King's College London

King's College has been enrolling students since 1829. The college is located at the origin of one of the major British universities: the University of London. Today, this educational institution holds the title of the second largest college in the country's capital. The education received at King's College London is basic knowledge that will certainly come in handy in the future. One of the main features of King's College London is the opportunity to study military science. You won't find anything like this at any other British university.

The location in the heart of the capital makes King's College London very attractive to active and curious students. The five university campuses are compactly located on the banks of the River Thames. Students are within walking distance of famous museums, theaters, and galleries.

7 Dauphine University of London

Dauphine University of London is a member of the Université Parisienne des Sciences et des Lettres and specializes in economics, management, social sciences, applied mathematics and computer science.

They offer two to six week summer school programs in central London, focusing on finance, international business management, sustainability management, digital and innovation.

8 INSEEC Business School

INSEEC Business School is a French higher education institution that changed its name to INSEEC Business School. It has European and international campuses in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambéry, London, Monaco, Geneva and Shanghai, as well as San Francisco.

This London summer school offers English language courses based on the TOEFL exam. If you are planning to study abroad, these courses are perfect for you.

9. Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance is the first conservatoire of music and dance in the UK.

The Conservatoire was formed in 2005 by the merger of Trinity College of Music and the Laban Centre, a leading center for music and contemporary dance.

However, the story begins much earlier: in 1872, the Church Choir Society and the Church Music College appeared in London. They later transformed into the Trinity College of Music. In 1946, the Laban Center took shape - Rudolf Laban and Lisa Ullman opened the Art of Movement Studio in Manchester.

10. London Studio Centre

The London Studio Centre, located in North Finchley, London, is an English dance and theatre school offering classes in classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz and musical theatre. It is accredited by the Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre Council.

The studio's summer school program offers a range of specialized summer intensives taught by experts in their respective fields. Dancers can choose from a range of repertoire offered by industry professionals in ballet, contemporary and jazz.

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