Summer holidays in London: 10 best camps in London for kids

Summer holidays in London: 10 best camps in London for kids

Features of school holidays in England

Learning a foreign language at a language camp in England is a relaxed and exciting form of learning. It can be games, discussions, sightseeing. In this way the participants of the trip will be able to forget forever the fear of saying the wrong thing when communicating with foreigners.

Education in England is rightly considered one of the best, where conservative methods are combined with innovative technologies. Therefore, organizing school holidays in this country is a great way to relax and improve your English skills. The combination of recreation and education allows children and young people to.

- Meet people of different nationalities.

- learn more about the history and culture of the country through exciting excursions and entertainment programs.

- Distract from the daily life of school and the tedious homework.

In the UK, you can count on great support and adaptation help for foreign students.

Summer camp holidays in the UK: the main benefits

A summer trip to the UK, combined with learning English, preparing for school or playing sports and being creative, has many advantages over the usual break at home.

English is well prepared in this country, as here you can gain practical conversational skills.

Become familiar with the educational institutions in the UK and learn about the structure of future education and the elements that will prepare you for future entry to university.

Your child is waiting for new acquaintances, friendships and the experience of living in a multi-ethnic environment, as children from countries where English is not the official language often go on vacation in the UK.

Hiking, active leisure, familiarity with the country in a safe environment and little to no crime also await him.

Expand your horizons, learn a new sport, find a new hobby or improve your skills in your chosen direction - painting, photography, dance, soccer, tennis, etc.

This is how your child will learn the elements of self-reliance necessary for future adulthood. They will be away from you and will learn to interact independently with people they were previously unfamiliar with: teachers, tutors, peers.

Under the constant supervision of experienced teachers, your child will get along well with them in a friendly environment where they will be taught very good things during the summer.

Cost of a vacation in England

The price of a camp in England includes education, accommodation, meals and an entertainment program. At the request of the parents, children can participate in more circles and sections.

The cost of a vacation in England includes 3 hours of English lessons per day, accommodation and meals in a foster home - from £1100 for 2 weeks. A more intensive program costs £1800 - £2000 for a soccer and tennis camp - around £2200 for 2 weeks. Schools usually offer discounts on tuition and/or accommodation when booking in advance (usually 6 months in advance).

Prices do not include: British Embassy visa fee (£89) and the cost of issuing a medical insurance policy (£1 per day).

Top summer schools in London


XUK Camps

Activate Camps

Camp Crusoe

Soccer Camps International

Camp Cooper

Camp Beaumont

Abbey DLD College

Pilgrims Harrow School Summer

Bell St. Albans Summer School

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