Top 15 best summer camps in London for students

Top 15 best summer camps in London for students

Types of programs

Language camps for children and teenagers in England are very popular. Usually, programs are 24/7 they mean that the child is at the school/campus 24/7. By attending such a program, your child will gain a great deal of knowledge and new experiences: immersion in the English language environment, familiarity with the cultural life of England, and improvement of English through correct classical pronunciation in a short time. He will make many new friends here and will definitely continue to communicate with them afterwards, which will make it possible to correspond in English, which means he will gain motivation to learn the language further.

The main objectives of the British Junior Language Camp are

  • To learn English in an international friendly environment.

  • To immerse themselves in the local cultural life and acquire classical English with British phonetics.

  • To participate in the extracurricular and sporting life of the camp: games, sports, hiking.

  • meeting many new friends, learning to live in a team and developing the ability to communicate in a social group.

  • Spending an unforgettable vacation

There are also camps that offer full-time education, such as LAL. this is especially true when children travel to the UK with their parents. For parents, there are also suitable options, and such programs are called family programs. Parents and children can learn English and live together in the same language center. For example, such a program could take place at Kings Summer Moreton Hall.

The location of programs at school children's camps also varies, 

  • Private school or college based

  • University based

  • Based at our own language centers


Perhaps, first of all, it is necessary to say one of the most important things: in all British summer schools, the children are under 24/7 care. Therefore, from the moment of arrival to the moment of departure (again from the airport), the child will be supervised.

Young foreign guests in the UK usually stay in residences on the school grounds, in rooms that can accommodate 2-4 people. Some camps offer the opportunity to live with a British family near the school. However, according to eyewitnesses, living with other students in student housing is more interesting and fun for the children.

The school provides three meals a day. If the children are taken on a field trip - half or full day - then you don't have to worry in this case: each child is given a bag of food ("impressive" sandwiches and drinks).

Program Costs

Studying and living in the UK is not cheap. However, this is mainly due to the high level of programs, the effectiveness of the education, the professionalism of the staff (teachers and curators), the large selection of extracurricular activities (sports or creative), the extensive program of short trips and the comfortable living conditions.

The cost of the daily program includes the chosen type of accommodation, full board, English language courses (20, 25, 30 lessons available) and entertainment program: the boys go on sightseeing trips, actively participate in sports competitions, develop their dancing, creativity and team qualities.

The daily program does not include accommodation and weekend excursions. Meals are served at lunch only.

Prices depend on the program chosen, type of accommodation, arrival date and number of weeks.

Top Camps in London

King's College Summer Camps

British Study Centre (BSC) is an award-winning, year-round program for adults and summer language camps for children and teens. The center promotes an approach to learning and fun that is best reflected in its motto: "Learn English, think English, live English!" .

In London, during the summer holidays, BSC runs a program for schoolchildren aged 13 to 17 based at the world-renowned King's College University (the fourth oldest university in the UK). The King's College campus is the ideal place to learn, relax and get to know the capital of Foggy Albion. The campus is located in Zone 1, in the heart of London. The Borough Market, Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe, Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast Museum Ship, The Shard skyscraper and many other equally interesting places are within walking distance of the College.

School children are waiting for fully equipped classrooms with interactive whiteboards, communal areas for entertainment and games and open areas for relaxation. The hotel has a restaurant and dining room with free Wi-Fi access.

Shoreditch Camp

Shoreditch is located in East London. Shoreditch Campus is a great place to learn English. The school is large, with modern facilities and social spaces, providing an ideal focused environment for students to improve their English and make new friends in one of the best cities in the world. The center is a 4-minute walk from the student residence.

General English - 20 classes (15 hours) per week. This course will help improve your English language skills by focusing on the key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. The focus is on speaking and using the language with confidence and fluency. The course is designed for young students. Teachers aim to meet any learning interests by focusing on communication to increase students' confidence in using English in real-life situations. Regular tests and conversation sessions help students to improve their English as much as possible. Professional teaching staff provide feedback and support to help students build confidence in speaking English.

University College Camps

Founded in 1826, University College London (UCL) was the first university in London and is known for its democratic principles of student acceptance, regardless of religion or gender. Throughout its history, University College London has been known for its advanced scientific work and achievements - it was here that the first British Economics Department was opened and the study of English as a separate discipline was introduced.

Many graduates of University College London have left a significant mark on history. Famous University College London alumni include Alexander Bell (inventor of the telephone), Francis Crick (co-investigator of the structure of DNA) and John Fleming (inventor of the vacuum tube). Many graduates have gone on to successful business careers; among them is Edwin Waterhouse, founder of the famous consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. In addition, many graduates have gone on to notable careers in music and journalism: three students went on to become editors-in-chief of the influential magazine The Economist. Alumni include many international political luminaries, including the prime ministers of Japan, Kenya and China, and the former president of Israel.

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